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Web site or blog?

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Recently we’ve been advising a number of our clients who’ve come to us to develop their web sites to consider designing a blog site. There are two good reasons to do that: search engines and visitors. (more…)

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Blogging on Blogs

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

The Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG), of which I’m a member, just published its list of the top 20 marketing blogs top marketers read. This list was gleaned from a survey of the membership, nearly 2000 strong, which is made up of senior level marketing executives from around the country. The poll asked which blogs (by non-MENG members) they actually read, which blogs were their favorite reads, and which ones were the most enjoyable to read. (more…)

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Blogging on Blogging

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

I’ve been intending to start a blog for quite some time.  I read several blogs on a daily basis, and even post comments.  I’ve sat in meetings with clients over the past couple of months and heard myself recommend to them that they start their own blogs, especially those who are experts in very niche areas. But as we all know the story of the shoemaker’s children who go without shoes, up until now, I’ve been remiss in actually launching a blog for the Next Level.

Yes, it’s been on the to-do list. I’ve made a commitment to do it, and have told my colleagues I’m going to do it. I’ve made a list of possible blog topics to write about so I’ve got a backlog of ideas ready to go.  And yet… (more…)