Web site or blog?

Recently we’ve been advising a number of our clients who’ve come to us to develop their web sites to consider designing a blog site. There are two good reasons to do that: search engines and visitors.

The search engines are always looking for fresh content on a web site, and it’s much easier to add content to a blog than it is to change your web site. Furthermore, if your site is built in WordPress, the entire site (not just the blog) is built on a content management platform, so it is much easier to make changes to the site as well as add new content. In other words, WordPress allows you to easily manage your entire web site like you would a blog, without a lot of technical know-how. You can encourage the search engines to give your site a higher page rank by observing the key words that your prospects use to search for your services and inserting them into your blog posts and tags.

Search engines aren’t the only reason to add new content. A blog site with constantly updated content gives your visitors a reason to return to your site again and again. You can publicize your blog posts through email and social media, and even encourage your prospects to subscribe, turning them into regular consumers of your content. By consistently writing on topics that showcase your expertise, you build credibility—and even a following–both on and off your web site.

If you want to start a blog but don’t like to do a lot of writing, there’s an easy solution: develop a list of topics and hire a ghostwriter to pen them for you. A good writer can express your ideas in your “voice” so no one will ever know it wasn’t written by you.

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