What was your favorite Olympics commercial?

I loved watching the Olympics.  The competitions were great. As a skier I loved the slalom and downhill events.  And the snowboard half-pipe and the skiing freestyle aerobatics were stunning.  I even grew to enjoy the finesse of curling despite the fact that I went into watching it with a cynically curled lip. (No pun intended.)
But because so much of the Olympic coverage was good, I grew to dread those two awful words “…after this” as in “More coverage of the competition after this,”  “this” being an endless slew of mostly-mediocre commercials.  I shouldn’t be saying this since advertising has been my bread-and-butter for a long time.  But it seemed to me that the density of the commercials during the Vancouver games was high while their quality was not.

Of all the automotive spots that ran, the only ones that stood out to me were the Toyota commercials that invariably brought forth a wiseass comment from someone in the room.  My favorites were the spots from Procter & Gamble praising Moms. I also liked the Visa spots with Morgan Freeman narrating stories of triumph but the series I liked best were from GE built around their Imagination campaign.  But oddly enough, the best one really irritated me.  It starts out with a doctor putting  a tongue depressor in a little boy’s mouth and telling him to “Say Ahhh.”  The boy does and it’s followed by a series of people saying “Ahh” each on a different note which builds into a crescendo of Ahhhs that blend into the finale from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.  Excellent so far.   Then the voiceover announcer starts in explaining the rationale for all these “Ahhhs”.  But he’s drowned out by the singing.  So the commercial never paid off for me.  Having written and produced dozens of commercials I know that all they had to do was bring the announcer in a little louder.  It was really frustrating for me.
But what about you?  What commercial did you like best?  Or, if you prefer, hated the most?
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One Response to “What was your favorite Olympics commercial?”

  1. akboy says:

    So this commercial was bad to me for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the horrible, likely unintended message.
    Beethoven’s 9th symphony is referred to as the “Ode to Joy.”
    They have loads of tongue depressors singing it, to celebrate GE (mega corporation, military industrial complex,….)
    It’s the most depressing rendition I’ve ever heard.

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