What my yoga teacher taught me about business development

A couple of times a week I take a wonderful yoga class at the SportsClub LA. What makes it special is more than the physical exercise; I also go for the metaphors on life that my instructor, Chad Hamrin, points out during every class. Using wisdom and humor, he shows us how the challenges of doing the poses translate into common sense lessons we can apply to the challenges we face in our daily lives.

The other day he had us lying on our backs on the mat, with our legs in the air perpendicular to the floor.  He then asked the class to raise our tailbones straight up toward the ceiling. This was a seemingly impossible thing to do without changing the angle of the legs. Chad advised us to apply “intention as well as effort”.  Intention was the mental component and effort was the physical one. He said intention without effort yields no results, but effort without intention only results in wasted energy.

All week I had been working on a business development plan, and had had the right “intention”…but I’d been procrastinating about implementing it. As I was trying to raise my legs in the air a light went on in my head and I realized that it was time to apply some real “effort”. Intention was all well and good but I couldn’t expect to see results until I actually put the plan into effect by commiting to a strategy, getting on the phone, sending out the emails, booking the networking meetings and moving into action.

I heard Chad say not to worry if you can’t raise your legs up yet; just practice on having the focused intention and make your best effort and you might be surprised at how quickly you achieve the desired results.

The interesting thing is that about a week later the phone began to ring, the referrals began to come in and the results I’d been looking for started to show up. It was really amazing! Have you ever had that experience? Even if you don’t practice yoga you can apply its principles to manifest results.

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