The viral power of social media

A few days ago I was a witness to the power a few people can wield over a big issue as I participated in a discussion in one of my Linkedin groups (On Startups). I was attracted to the discussion “Chase hates small business” and posted a comment because, like the originator of the conversation, I, too, have been disturbed by the credit card companies’ policies of increasing their interest rates by up to 24.99% and decreasing credit limits even for their good customers with good credit ratings who pay their bill on time.  This after receiving huge government bailouts and posting record profits.

Apparently a lot of people feel strongly about this issue: over a 24-hour period, the conversation went at the speed of light from complaints and commiseration to action. Spurred on by the sharing of a home-made video posted on YouTube by Ann Minch , a handful of group members took the lead and began suggesting activities: the creation of a day without using credit cards, writing letters to the White House, creating a Cause page on Facebook, generating press releases and giving the cause a name: “Don’t Bank on Me”.  With over 200 posts and going strong, the cause had become a movement. At this writing, the organization is growing, committees are being formed through teleconferences, and a web sit is in development.

If you’d like to keep tabs on the action or become part of it, look for the web site launch or the Don’t Bank on Me group on Linkedin …and spread the word.

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